Skoll Software Consulting is No Longer Accepting Clients

Please be aware that I have retired from the software industry and as such, Skoll Software Consulting is not accepting business any longer. Thanks to all of my clients over the years for a rewarding career.

If you want to hire me as a comedian, please see my GigSalad Profile.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy regarding software development and our business is as follows:

  • Quality comes first: We provide clear, easy-to-follow code with ample documentation, both inline in the code and externally for more complex projects. Where feasible, we include automated test cases as part of the deliverable.
  • Show me the code: You wouldn't hire an artist without seeing samples of their work. Similarly, we are proud to showcase our open-source projects so you can examine samples of our code yourself.
  • Full transparency: If we are not familiar with a particular technology or tool required for a project, we will happily learn it. We will be fully transparent about this fact and about the time spent learning it.
  • Preference for open-source: We believe that open-source environments and tools offer the best long-term protection of your investment. Proprietary tools come and go, but open-source ones tend to last. Where compatible with your requirements, we will choose open-source tools and components over closed-source ones.

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