Skoll Software Consulting is No Longer Accepting Clients

Please be aware that I have retired from the software industry and as such, Skoll Software Consulting is not accepting business any longer. Thanks to all of my clients over the years for a rewarding career.

If you want to hire me as a comedian, please see my GigSalad Profile.


We offer the following services:

Custom software development for Linux or UNIX-like systems, in a wide variety of compiled or scripting languages. We specialize in back-end systems, daemons, and UNIX command-line tools. We also have extensive experience using scripting languages to glue disparate tools together.
Embedded software development ranging from bare-metal to embedded Linux. Our services range from low-level development such as creating BSPs and tweaking U-Boot and device tree files all the way to complete embedded application development. We have significant experience with Xilinx Ultrascale+ FPGAs and Petalinux.
System, network and PostgreSQL database administration. We can help you set up or update your Linux-based infrastructure, whether on real hardware or cloud providers such as AWS. We also have expert-level experience in managing and tuning PostgreSQL databases, mail servers and Asterisk PBX servers.

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