Skoll Software Consulting is No Longer Accepting Clients

Please be aware that I have retired from the software industry and as such, Skoll Software Consulting is not accepting business any longer. Thanks to all of my clients over the years for a rewarding career.

If you want to hire me as a comedian, please see my GigSalad Profile.


Embedded Software Development

I have two years' experience in embedded development, having tackled such projects as:

  • Porting Petalinux to a new board (this involved U-Boot, device tree and kernel configuration.)
  • Developing control plane software on an NXP MCU for a professional audio/video product. This software managed an FPGA that performed video processing and an HDMI transceiver that did HDCP encryption/decryption, and communicated with a separate network processor to manage metadata about the AV network traffic.
  • Porting an Ubuntu kernel to run on a Xilinx Ultrascale+ board instead of using the normal kernel shipped with Petalinux.
  • Developing and updating bare-metal control plane software for a professional video product.
  • Enhancing device drivers in Petalinux for a product intended for deployment in low Earth orbit.

Although most of my work experience has been in software, my Bachelor and Master's Degrees are in electrical engineering, so I understand schematics and readily understand things like how I2C and SPI busses work, how FPGAs work, and how to bridge the "impedance mismatch" often present between hardware and software.


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